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Realtime Repricing, Inventory and Order management

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New prices can be calculated in real time in seconds automatically - regardless of whether you sell 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 products.

Setup price rules

Total Seller allows defining price rules whereby your prices will be adjusted automatically according to your competitors' pricing and other conditions.

Win the Buy Box

Total Seller considers the different shipping costs of each listing and Amazon's Buy Box.

Increase profit

Prices will be automatically increased to achieve higher profits or reduced to generate more revenue.

Manage products

With Total Seller, enter and maintain your products in a flash and upload your new offers to Amazon.

All marketplaces

Total Seller works with,,,,, and

Manage orders

You can process incoming orders efficiently and delegate work to your team.


All data is stored encrypted and you can flexibly determine who has access to what data.

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Amazon Repricing

Automatic price adjustments in realtime

Increase prices automatically

Example - Increase prices

Reduce prices automatically

Example - Reduce prices


Only if you respond quickly to market changes, you can increase your profits and sales.


  • Increase profits

    Do not lose money! - Once a competitor has sold his offer, Total Seller will raise within seconds your price to maximize your profit margin.

  • Increase sales

    You can specify how much you want to undercut the prices of your competitors in order to increase the number of sales.

  • Individual rules

    Determine your own rules how your rates are to be calculated. You can create rules that depend on a specific competitor, his customer feedbacks, the place of dispatch or the delivery time.

  • FBA listings

    Depending on whether your or your competitor's offers are fulfilled by Amazon you can skip listings during price calculation or underbid or overbid another offer by a specific amount or percentage.

  • Amazon offers

    You can create pricing rules that target Amazon's own offers as your largest competitor so that you can win the Buy-Box before Amazon itself.

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