Manage products

Save time and keep everything under control

Total Seller will help you to quickly and easily enter new products and listing descriptions, as well as to transfer them to Amazon. Permanently monitor your products, offers and prices. Delegate any task to your employees while staying in control.

Product entry

Entry wizard

During product entry, the wizard automatically looks up all product details, offers, prices and variations or editions, and displays them in a clear manner. You can create a new offer with one click and all product details are automatically set.

Text blocks

Quickly and accurately creating descriptions is key, especially if you hold a sizable inventory, For this purpose, Total Seller provides text blocks that you can edit as required.

Check and delegate entries

Double-check product specifications and prices before uploading any product to Amazon's platform In addition, employees with uncertainties regarding products can leave their questions to be later clarified before uploading.

Workflow steps & work batches

The entire product entry is performed through individual workflow steps and work batches. These provide a permanent situation overview and ensure an efficient product entry and verification.


Adjust prices

Adjust prices automatically

You placed an offer on Amazon but sales are disappointing so far. What is the reason for this? As offers are daily added, sold, and prices change, your offer stops being current and competitive very rapidly. With Total Seller, you can automatically check your prices in real time. Therefore, you prices are automatically adjusted to increase your sales and improve your bottom line.

Adjust prices automatically

Price categories and Pricing rules

Price rules represent individual criteria whereby the prices of your Amazon listing are automatically adjusted. For example: Lowest price with the same or similar product quality, price within the first five offers, etc. In addition, pricing rules set a minimum and maximum price, which you can also enter for each product. In doing so, you optimize your sales and profits without selling below your purchase price and effort.

Automatic price check (repricing)

After pricing rules or categories are assigned to products, Total Seller can automatically check your prices and adapt them depending on the current offerings of your competitors. Prices can be consequently reduced but also increased to optimize profit margins.

24h 7 days

Total Seller can regularly check your prices in the background and automatically transfer the new ones to Amazon. The Internet Reprice Service takes over checking the prices around the clock, if your computer is turned off. Any changes you make to your listings, and the new prices, which were calculated by the Reprice Service, are automatically synchronized.

Realtime price adjustments

With the realtime price adjustments you react instantly to changes of your offers. Our price monitor in Amazon data centers monitors your competitors' offers around the clock and Total Seller is notified of price changes or sales within seconds. Then, a new price will be automatically calculated and transferred to Amazon by Total Seller.

Consideration of shipping costs

With Amazon Seller Central, sellers can determine their own shipping costs. Total Seller considers the shipping costs of all available offers to ensure the optimal placement of your listings. Only in doing so you can gain a real advantage over your competition.

Buy Box optimization

The Buy Box is the blue box at the top of an Amazon product page where the customer can click on the button "Add to cart". A seller whose offer is displayed in the Buy Box achieves significantly more sales. Total Seller has a special Buy-Box optimization to win the Buy Box and increase your profit margin.

Adjust prices manually

Price proposal

Total Seller proposes a price if the product is entered and a price category has been chosen. In this way, an optimal price may be selected even if the employee entering the product is not an expert.

View offers and adjust prices

You can always have a clear overview of your competitors' offers. You can increase or decrease the prices of a single or multiple products with a few clicks. As you do so, prices are automatically rounded as required, e.g., 1.95 - 2.95, etc.


Manage orders

Efficient order processing

Nobody likes to waste valuable time copying addresses, searching for items, and writing emails. With Total Seller, the entire order process can be effectively executed and appropriately delegated.

Manage orders

Workflow, workflow steps, and work batches

Current orders are retrieved via a secure Amazon connection and neatly displayed. You can assign individual workflow steps to orders and therefore permanently monitor their current state. Moreover, you can assign work batches, for example, if several employees process and ship orders in parallel.

Print packing lists and delivery notes

Total Seller prints packing lists, packing slips, delivery notes and invoices on demand. Products can be quickly found and efficiently packed because you can manage their warehouse and location in Total Seller.

Online postage

Export address data with a click to frank your packages and shipments online. Total Seller supports several export formats.

Send shipping confirmation to Amazon

After shipping, it takes one click to automatically submit the required shipping confirmations to Amazon. In doing so, the customer is charged for the purchase price and the money is credited to your Amazon account.


Send emails

Simple email writing

Instead of typing your email, just choose a suitable template and Total Seller will automatically fill in all customer and order-related information. If required, add your own text blocks to the email body and you are done!

Communication with customers via email


Long-term success primarily relies on customer satisfaction and customers' opinions. Therefore, it is important to quickly and efficiently communicate with customers.

Templates and text blocks

Create email templates and Total Seller automatically inserts customer, product and order data for you. You can also use your own text blocks in your emails. Send emails with a few mouse clicks.


Analyze your success

Analyze and plan

As your sales and profits increase, you must understand why that is happening and how to keep the momentum. Therefore, it is necessary to determine exactly when, how, and to what extent your products are sold. Total Seller offers prompt answers to these questions and allows optimizing your listings accordingly.

Analysis functions


The analysis functions of Total Seller help evaluate all your business data in a quick and straightforward manner. For example, you can answer questions such as ""How many products have I sold in the past few months?", "At what average price?", "What are my employees selling?".

Graphical analysis

Results can be graphically displayed as a chart to see an overview and summary of your data.


Users & Security

Delegate work

Delegating individual works or tasks requires ensuring that your employees' access is limited to the business data necessary to accomplish their work. With Total Seller, you can flexibly determine who has access to what data.

User management

User groups

To protect your product and sales data from prying eyes, you can assign user-specific access rights. For example, you can create user groups specific to product entry or order processing.

Secure data storage

All products, prices and ordering information is stored in a central database on your computer. Since the information is stored only on your computer, you and only you can examine product data, orders, and pricing strategies.


Other functions

For now and for the future

Total Seller belongs to a new software generation, based on the latest standards such as those developed and used by Microsoft, which are designed to increase your Internet sales volume and profitability, now and in the future. Whether you sell 100 or 1,000 items, whether you do it alone or with 100 employees, Total Seller is here for you!

Central database

Fast access

By using a virtual access technology, over 100,000 products and orders can be easily managed. You can access and change this data from multiple computers on the network. If necessary, access can be secured and encrypted over the Internet. This could be necessary, for example, if you run a store and several warehouses in separate buildings.

Report designer

Using Report designer, you can create your own reports and analyzes. You can also customize as required the included templates e.g., for packing lists and delivery notes.

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