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Total Seller can be licensed in various editions. Each edition provides different functionality.

Features of Total Seller Editions

  Lite Reprice  Standard 
Professional  Enterprise
Test version
Create new listings x x x x   x
Listing text blocks x x x x   x
Adjust prices automatically
x x x x x   x
Advanced pricing rules x x x x x   x
Scheduled price checks x x x x x   x
Smallest check interval 30 Min. Realtime Realtime Realtime Realtime   4 Hrs.
Price adjustments independent of your computer (Internet Reprice Service)   x x x x    
Server database   x x x x    
Automated imports, connection to other systems (Windows PowerShell) x x x x x
Manage orders   x x x x
Shipping Confirmation
  x x x x
Send e-mails     x x x   x
E-mail text blocks     x x x   x
Workflow process / step (1) (1) x x x x
Work batch     x x x   x
E-mail templates     x x x   x
Report designer       x x   x (3)
Automatic e-mails (4)       x x   x
Data analysis         x   x
Remote access   x     x    
Change workflow steps (4)         x   x
Number of computers (2) 1 3 5 10 unlimited   1
Number of users (2) 1 5 10 20 unlimited   1
Max. Number of products (2) unlimited unlimited 10000 40000 unlimited   unlimited
Max transactions
per month (2) (5)
- (6) - (6) 1000 3000 unlimited   unlimited

(1) The number of workflow steps is restricted
(2) "Unlimited" means that the maximum number is limited only by the capacity of the hardware and the database
(3) Read-only
(4) Available from the 4th Quarter of 2014
(5) A transaction represents an order regardless of the number of items ordered. The Community edition contains a total of 100 transactions per month, and the Flexible edition 250 transactions per month.
(6) The Lite and Reprice editions provide product management and manual / automatic price adjustment capabilities. Orders cannot be retrieved and there are therefore no additional costs.

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Requirements: Amazon Power-Seller or Amazon Seller Central seller

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