Import minimum and maximum prices

Import minimum and maximum prices

You can specify the minimum and maximum price by importing a tab-delimited text file. Please check the help documentation or the information below for a list of import fields:

Help documentation - Import offers

You could import files in the following formats:

sku amz-min-price amz-max-price
sku_01 9.95 24.95
sku_02 11.95 29.95

For example, you can save the tab-delimited text file in Excel or export it. Please ensure that the column headers are correct according to Total Seller's help documentation.

Then, simply select the file you wish to import into Total Seller. (Format "Open offers") The offers that you downloaded from Amazon in the first step are updated with the minimum and maximum price.

Tip: Before importing large files, please backup your database in Total Seller under "System > Extras > Database > Backup". In doing so, you can always restore you last backup, for example, if the import file was in an incorrect format.

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